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Small Group, Huge Impact

The young adults group at Hepburn Gospel Church is a fairly new group. It stemmed from a group of young men that began their own accountability group, when they saw the need for an interactive group for young people transitioning into adulthood they started their first meeting on a Friday night around a camp fire in fall of 2017. This group has made a huge impact in the lives of many young people. People struggling with addiction have conquered and overcome their addictions and reclaimed their love for Jesus. Accountability has been developed to ensure healthy growth in individual relationships with Christ. Many of the young adults have mentors they meet with to seek guidance and growth. Lives are being changed and communities are being impacted because God placed the vision in the hearts of a few young people to grow together in Christ in fellowship.

"I have been regularly attending young adults in Hepburn for a year now. I have developed the relationships I needed to guide me back to my savior and keep me accountable in life. Without this group I wouldn't have experienced the growth in my faith that I have and been able to break free of the bondage separating me from Christ."- Katie

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